گل کی رنگت خون حسینی نغمهء بلبل ہاے حسین

گلشن عالم بزمِ ماتم کیسے بھلایا جائے حسین

The shades of roses bespeaks the blood of Husain,
The nightingale’s warble bemoans the woes of Husain
As if the entire nature is wailing; Can Husain be ever forgotten?

Udaipur, “the city of lakes” was blessed and lucky to have the honor to receive the Ahfaad & Asbaat Kiraam of our beloved Aqa Maula Dr. Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin(TUS) during the auspicious days of Ohbat.
These days bought with it the fragrance of musk which overwhelmed the atmosphere and reminded all of us about the night & the day of Aashurah and the atrocities that befell Imam Husain(AS) and his Ahle Bayt(SA).

In his remembrance, many community members mobilised MAJLIS-E-HUSAIN(AS) in their respective dwellings to show their lamentation towards the enormity that befell him.
In these majalis, 7 Zakereen teams of the students of Saifee School actively participated through Zikr e Husain(AS) to embolden the aura of Nauh-o-Aweel.


Along with this, one common MAJLIS was organised (seperately for girls & boys) at Saifee Hall, which was appreciated by the presence of Faraqid Zaherah from Qasr-e-Aali and Abna-ul-Jamea. This assembly was a great success as the children created a very healthy atmosphere of affliction to manifest the mourning by togetherly doing Zirk-e-Husain(AS).





In this Majlis, the Faraqid Zaherah interacted with the pupils by asking them questions from Iqtebasat Nooraniyah. These questions were very skillfully answered by the pupils. The pinnacle of the gathering was unfolded when all the small children of Saifee School and Madaris Imaniyah together narrated the Shahadat of Imam Husain (AS) in a single voice that bought tears in every eye and all the mumineen raised in the saff of matam in full spirit which definitely took them to higher degrees of mourning.


The purpose of their stay in the city was successfully accomplished which was further proved by the interaction session held at Saifee School, in which all the distinguished guests connected themselves with the youngsters on the sacred matter of ASHARAH MUBARAKAH 1441 and troth to foregather afore time for Waaz Majlis.