Brain & Education

Brain & Education

A productive workshop on “Brain & Education” was conducted at Saifee Senior Secondary School on saturday, June 22, 2019.

The whole session was focused on, how learning is connected with our brain.

To achieve the aim following topics were covered:-

  1. Neuroplasticity
  2. Experiential Learning
  3. Critical Period for Learning

The session began by introducing brain plasticity and its importance. Presenters explained, how brain changes by illustrating an example of clay and coin, where clay was represented as brain and coin was represented as experience. When coin was pressed on clay ,its shape changed, in the same way when a brain experiences anything new, its shape changes.

As we know brain learns through experiences ,a short activity was conducted to highlight the effects of experiential learning.

Further, they also learnt how experiences are represented in our brain through discussions over scientific readings and videos.

It is truly said that childhood is the best time to learn.

By keeping this in mind ,the interaction of the teacher with the child is crucial for strengthening and pruning learning in the brain.

The session concluded by receiving valuable feedback from the attendees.

The upcoming session will be highlighting on role of brain in learning language.

The workshop was conducted by Mrs.Nasrin and Miss Nisha. Both are Xseed Instructional leaders in Saifee School, Udaipur.