Just a Minute

Tilawat u Dua – Morning assembly is a time of warm up of the students for the rest of the day.
It is the time to fill them with enthusiasm and create a compassionate environment in which the students foster success.
After Tilawat u Dua, the session starts off with introduction of new vocabulary words with an
aim to enrich their command on English language.

The words that are introduced are explained with its meaning, teaching them to pronounce as well.
The students come up with their framed sentences and exhibit theirknowledge of the word.
To dispel their stage fright, they are encouraged to come up on the stage and narrate a short story.
An activity of news reading is also staged once a week.

To boost the wild imagination of the students and to enhance their fluency of English language
‘A JAM SESSION’ is hosted, wherein the students pick up a chit with a word like PRAYER, FRIEND,
FESTIVAL, SUMMER SEASON and the participants speak impromptu for 30 seconds on it.

It is a thrilling experience to hear them!
A great way to start the day!
Coming up with more new words and new exciting activities.

~Mrs. Meeta Chatterjee