Workshop ~Microteaching Skills

Today a very significant workshop on Microteaching Skills was organised at Saifee Sr. Sec. School, Udaipur. This one day workshop brought together all the Staff members of Madaris Imaniyah of Udaipur together.

This workshop expanded the teacher’s understanding of mindfulness. They learnt two very important skills  of teaching, that is:

1) How to introduce a lesson.

2) How to probe questions.


This workshop was very informative & interactive with clear and progressive steps.

The workshop was concluded with the final discussion regarding implementation of these skills.
Now in the upcoming session all the teachers are going to practically apply and demonstrate this methodology.

The workshop was conducted by Head Moallim Janab Shk.  Yusuf Bh Burhani and Janab Shk. Mustafa Bh Taiyabali.