Teachers are Lifelong Learners.


Teachers are Lifelong Learners.

Once a teacher asked her students to draw a ring all the students drew different circular objects but one child drew a square.
The astonished teacher asked that child, “Why have you drawn a square?” To this, the confident child replied, “Ma’am this is the boxing ring.”
This defines that being a highly qualified teacher in the world is meaningless unless the kids actually learn. A special initiative training of teachers by the Teachers, for the teachers has been taken by Saifee School staff members, which is held twice a month.
The first training session on ‘How to be a skillful teacher’ started with a very interactive questionnaire round on various teaching methods.

Agenda for the session was:

1.Keep main thing the main thing.
It should be very clear in the teachers mind. “At the end of this lesson I want my kids to …………………….”
Keeping that in mind all your language, your praises, your actions and all efforts should clearly focus on your goal.
A very precise demo class was organized which was accompanied by an activity based on describing words, which was followed by an analysis part sticking to our goals.


2.Keep your language supportive and corrective.

Keeping your language supportive to your goal and child’s cognitive level is very important for an instruction session to be successful.

It is also very necessary to simplify the language and pronounce it correctly so that the child conceptualizes the lesson and applies the keywords in his own language.


3.Don’t give out all the information every time.

The scientific descriptive ratio of giving information to student varies according to their cognitive structure.
According to the mental level of the pupil a teacher should share and extract the knowledge or information.


4.Consider group work as an option.
As being pragmatists, we teachers can convert chatty group activities into a very fruitful one. So Social Learning should always be encouraged in the classroom for inclusive development. The workshops held was interactive and motivational so that we can make the best what we need for the class as educators. It was also fun filled with energizers, witty jokes intended to stir happiness for better learning to take place.
And it ended with valuable feedbacks and important takeaways by the teachers.


By Mrs Rashida Lachchawala/Mrs Sadaf Anjum.

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  1. M.aliakbar

    April 9, 2019

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    its was very useful and interesting
    those teachers who learn alongwith teaching are better trainers of thier little friends

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